Sunday, July 27, 2008

Diapers, Diapers Everywhere!

I have been hoping this Walgreens diaper deal would work out, and had pretty much given up on it until last night.

Those of you that shop at Walgreens know about a coupon book they have available at the front of the store. A new one comes out each month. Well, July's coupons were good thru 7/26 and August's coupons started 7/25 so there were two "overlap" days where you could use both coupons.

My friend Lena and I decided that Friday morning we would drive to all of our local Walgreens and hopefully get this great deal on diapers. But it was a bust; no one had the August books out.

On Saturday I called every Walgreens in my county to see if they were available yet but they were not. I was so disappointed!

Lena was coming over Saturday evening to do some more freezer meals with me and she stopped by Walgreens on her way over. OH MY GOODNESS they have the new coupons! Needless to say, we abandoned our meals and drove to 3 different Walgreens and cleared out their shelves!

Here's what I got:

27 packs of diapers @ 5.99 each = 161.73

minus (9) $5/2 coupons from July book = 94.23

minus (9) $5/2 coupons from Aug book = 26.73

After Register Rewards back ($5 for every 3 packs) this was my total:


Yes, Walgreens paid me 18.27 to take 27 packs of diapers out of their store! Crazy, huh.
This picture doesn't really do it justice. But here it is anyway. Lena's 24 packs & my 27 = 51 packs of diapers!! Wahhhhooooooooooooooooooo :)


Praise said...

That's Crazy! I'm glad you live close, I might just have to "borrow' some!

Sovereign Grace Church said...

Wow! That's really cool...isn't God kind to bless you like that!!!

Anonymous said...

hehe...sorry to confuse you. I forgot I was still signed in on my church account... :)