Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Little Update

Last week we were on a vacation at home. Here's what we were up to:

Sitting in a toy container and watching cartoons!

Eating yummy popsicles!

Playing in the sprinkler!
We also had an ultrasound for Baby to see exactly how far along I am. So I am 10 weeks tomorrow! We got some cute pictures of Baby but I am having a hard time scanning them to get them on here. But I will keep working at it. We also got to hear Baby's heartbeat! So cool!
I already have a little poochy belly and finally my nausea has gone away. The prenatal vitamins are helping a ton to give me more energy. I have been "nesting" a little, too. We did some major cleaning this weekend including steam cleaning the carpet. I also got to bake some banana bread yesterday & I'm going to attempt some freezer meals this week too.
Well I think that's about it! I'll let you know how the freezer meals turn out! :)

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Mandy Reel said...

Hey girl!
Let me know how the freezer meals your make turn out and what recipes you have. I'm hoping to make a bunch up over the the next several months before our new one arrives too - we'll see if I actually do get around to it though... :)