Saturday, August 23, 2008

Five Years!

Today is me & Jonathan's 5th anniversary! We had fun yesterday spending the day together. Our original plans were to go to disney but that was cancelled due to tropical storm Fay. Hopefully we'll be able to still go in the coming weeks.

We had lunch together at Longhorn's, I gave Jonathan a new wedding band (actually he got this a month or two ago because I just couldn't wait anymore to give it to him! His old ring was badly scratched so I wanted him to have a new one) and yesterday we bought a Wii! I am so excited! We have been wanting one for a long time.

The time has flown by - 5 years. We talked a lot yesterday about our many many memories we have made together and now with our son Shea too. Jonathan & I have known each other for 15 years so we have a ton of memories!

I am so grateful to God that He made me for Jonathan! He is such a godly man, he works very hard to provide for us, he makes me laugh, he is my best friend, he is such a great dad and loves Shea soooo much!

I pray that we have many many more anniversaries together. Love you babe!

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