Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pantry Fun

This morning started before the sun came up. We have been trying to get Shea back on his pre-vacation schedule. Naps and night-time routines have been going great - praise God! But mornings.... that's a different story. Jonathan leaves for work by 6:30 so we usually get up together and I pack his lunch while he gets ready. Even though we try to be veeeery quiet, Shea has been waking up ready to start the day!

Anyway, this morning was no different. I was pretty groggy and bleary-eyed so I just let Shea play while I sleepily watched the weather on tv. Next thing I know I hear some crashes and bangs in the kitchen. No crying, so I peek around the corner and see Shea in a pile of cans and tea bags. He was so cute that I couldn't pass up taking a couple pictures! At least tea bags are really easy to clean up. :)

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Jim said...

Hey Sweetie!

He can always come spend some time with Grammie and play in my pantry! ;-)